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Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Mon May 1 09:20:03 CDT 2023

Thanks for compiling this, Remi – the W5SFA balloon has been up 36 days and
12 hours and is currently headed up the Cook Inlet toward Anchorage, Alaska.
It’s set an endurance record for time being up, although KF5ZRT/A made 2 ¾
trips around the world.  W5SFA has lost some altitude, down to 11,120m (it
originally got up over 12,000m) but seems to be holding steady.  Hopefully
it will last long enough to complete its second trip.


Club members:  if you go to http://qrp-labs.com/track/2873_W5SFA-U4B1.html
you’ll see the balloon’s track.  The color of the track follows the resistor
code for each trip around the world.  Also, there a link on that page to
some launch photos back on March 25.  Two other balloons were launched that
day, but came down after a few hours of flight.  We think that the balloons
may have been defective.


Also, the LU7AA site provides a lot more data about the balloon’s progress



As the balloon gets closer to home, fire up your rig and WSJT and see if you
can spot it.




Roger N5RWK


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Here are the countries which were flying over by W5SFA balloon in April
(Source picoballoon list)



balloon W5SFA uniqueCountries 16

Afghanistan 6 grids: ['MM04', 'MM14', 'MM24', 'MM43', 'MM13', 'MM23']

Algeria 2 grids: ['JM24', 'JM34']

Armenia 1 grids: ['LN20']

Canada 11 grids: ['EO70', 'EO80', 'EN89', 'EN99', 'FN09', 'FN19', 'FN18',
'FN28', 'FN37', 'FN47', 'FN46']

China 20 grids: ['NM02', 'NM34', 'NM98', 'NM99', 'OM09', 'ON10', 'ON11',
'MM93', 'NM16', 'NM28', 'ON63', 'ON73', 'ON83', 'ON93', 'PN13', 'PN23',
'PN33', 'PN36', 'PN42', 'PN52']

Georgia 1 grids: ['LN21']

India 1 grids: ['MM83']

Iran (Islamic Republic of) 5 grids: ['MM05', 'LM87', 'LM97', 'LM96', 'MM06']

Japan 4 grids: ['PM65', 'PM75', 'PM74', 'PM73']

Mongolia 7 grids: ['ON22', 'ON44', 'ON45', 'ON55', 'ON56', 'ON66', 'ON53']

Portugal 3 grids: ['IN51', 'IN50', 'IN60']

Russian Federation 12 grids: ['PN62', 'RP16', 'QP77', 'QP58', 'QP48',
'QP49', 'QP29', 'QQ20', 'QQ80', 'QQ90', 'RP41', 'RP40']

Spain 2 grids: ['IM69', 'IM79']

Tunisia 3 grids: ['JM44', 'JM54', 'JM53']

Turkey 8 grids: ['KM68', 'KM79', 'KM89', 'KN80', 'KM99', 'LM09', 'LN00',

United States of America 10 grids: ['DM47', 'DM48', 'DM58', 'DM59', 'DN50',
'DN60', 'DN61', 'DN72', 'FN56', 'FN55']

NoCountry 144 grids: ['PM68', 'PM67', 'PM66', 'PM72', 'PM71', 'PM70',
'PM80', 'PL89', 'QL37', 'QL47', 'QL48', 'QL58', 'QL59', 'QL69', 'QM60',
'QM61', 'QM71', 'QM72', 'QM73', 'QM83', 'QM84', 'QM95', 'QM96', 'RM06',
'RM07', 'AN62', 'AN72', 'AN71', 'AN81', 'AN80', 'AN90', 'AM99', 'BM09',
'BM08', 'BM07', 'BM06', 'BM05', 'BM04', 'BM03', 'BM02', 'AL63', 'AL62',
'AL61', 'AL51', 'AL50', 'AK59', 'AK49', 'AK48', 'AK35', 'AK36', 'AK37',
'AK38', 'AK39', 'AK47', 'AK56', 'AK66', 'AK65', 'AK76', 'AK86', 'AK87',
'AL91', 'AL90', 'BL40', 'BL41', 'BL51', 'BL61', 'BL62', 'BL94', 'BL95',
'CL05', 'CL15', 'CL59', 'CM60', 'CM61', 'CM71', 'CM82', 'GM32', 'GM31',
'GM41', 'GM40', 'GL49', 'GL59', 'HL08', 'HL09', 'HL19', 'HM10', 'HM20',
'HM21', 'HM31', 'HM85', 'HM86', 'HM96', 'HM97', 'IM08', 'IM09', 'IN41',
'JM63', 'JM73', 'RN13', 'RN23', 'RN24', 'RN34', 'RN35', 'RN45', 'RN46',
'RN47', 'RN57', 'RN58', 'RN69', 'RO60', 'RO61', 'RO71', 'RO72', 'RO73',
'RO74', 'PQ89', 'PQ99', 'QQ09', 'QQ19', 'QQ29', 'QQ39', 'QQ49', 'QQ59',
'QQ79', 'RQ53', 'RQ52', 'RQ42', 'RQ41', 'RQ31', 'RQ00', 'RQ10', 'RO49',
'RO48', 'RO33', 'RO32', 'RO31', 'RO30', 'RN39', 'RN64', 'RN74', 'RN73',
'RN83', 'RN93', 'AN03']



73 de Remi F6CNB/N5CNB

PS : This morning (05/01), the balloon was over the north Pacific ocean

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