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Mon May 1 01:17:11 CDT 2023

Here are the countries which were flying over by W5SFA balloon in April
(Source picoballoon list)



balloon W5SFA uniqueCountries 16

Afghanistan 6 grids: ['MM04', 'MM14', 'MM24', 'MM43', 'MM13', 'MM23']

Algeria 2 grids: ['JM24', 'JM34']

Armenia 1 grids: ['LN20']

Canada 11 grids: ['EO70', 'EO80', 'EN89', 'EN99', 'FN09', 'FN19', 'FN18',
'FN28', 'FN37', 'FN47', 'FN46']

China 20 grids: ['NM02', 'NM34', 'NM98', 'NM99', 'OM09', 'ON10', 'ON11',
'MM93', 'NM16', 'NM28', 'ON63', 'ON73', 'ON83', 'ON93', 'PN13', 'PN23',
'PN33', 'PN36', 'PN42', 'PN52']

Georgia 1 grids: ['LN21']

India 1 grids: ['MM83']

Iran (Islamic Republic of) 5 grids: ['MM05', 'LM87', 'LM97', 'LM96', 'MM06']

Japan 4 grids: ['PM65', 'PM75', 'PM74', 'PM73']

Mongolia 7 grids: ['ON22', 'ON44', 'ON45', 'ON55', 'ON56', 'ON66', 'ON53']

Portugal 3 grids: ['IN51', 'IN50', 'IN60']

Russian Federation 12 grids: ['PN62', 'RP16', 'QP77', 'QP58', 'QP48',
'QP49', 'QP29', 'QQ20', 'QQ80', 'QQ90', 'RP41', 'RP40']

Spain 2 grids: ['IM69', 'IM79']

Tunisia 3 grids: ['JM44', 'JM54', 'JM53']

Turkey 8 grids: ['KM68', 'KM79', 'KM89', 'KN80', 'KM99', 'LM09', 'LN00',

United States of America 10 grids: ['DM47', 'DM48', 'DM58', 'DM59', 'DN50',
'DN60', 'DN61', 'DN72', 'FN56', 'FN55']

NoCountry 144 grids: ['PM68', 'PM67', 'PM66', 'PM72', 'PM71', 'PM70',
'PM80', 'PL89', 'QL37', 'QL47', 'QL48', 'QL58', 'QL59', 'QL69', 'QM60',
'QM61', 'QM71', 'QM72', 'QM73', 'QM83', 'QM84', 'QM95', 'QM96', 'RM06',
'RM07', 'AN62', 'AN72', 'AN71', 'AN81', 'AN80', 'AN90', 'AM99', 'BM09',
'BM08', 'BM07', 'BM06', 'BM05', 'BM04', 'BM03', 'BM02', 'AL63', 'AL62',
'AL61', 'AL51', 'AL50', 'AK59', 'AK49', 'AK48', 'AK35', 'AK36', 'AK37',
'AK38', 'AK39', 'AK47', 'AK56', 'AK66', 'AK65', 'AK76', 'AK86', 'AK87',
'AL91', 'AL90', 'BL40', 'BL41', 'BL51', 'BL61', 'BL62', 'BL94', 'BL95',
'CL05', 'CL15', 'CL59', 'CM60', 'CM61', 'CM71', 'CM82', 'GM32', 'GM31',
'GM41', 'GM40', 'GL49', 'GL59', 'HL08', 'HL09', 'HL19', 'HM10', 'HM20',
'HM21', 'HM31', 'HM85', 'HM86', 'HM96', 'HM97', 'IM08', 'IM09', 'IN41',
'JM63', 'JM73', 'RN13', 'RN23', 'RN24', 'RN34', 'RN35', 'RN45', 'RN46',
'RN47', 'RN57', 'RN58', 'RN69', 'RO60', 'RO61', 'RO71', 'RO72', 'RO73',
'RO74', 'PQ89', 'PQ99', 'QQ09', 'QQ19', 'QQ29', 'QQ39', 'QQ49', 'QQ59',
'QQ79', 'RQ53', 'RQ52', 'RQ42', 'RQ41', 'RQ31', 'RQ00', 'RQ10', 'RO49',
'RO48', 'RO33', 'RO32', 'RO31', 'RO30', 'RN39', 'RN64', 'RN74', 'RN73',
'RN83', 'RN93', 'AN03']



73 de Remi F6CNB/N5CNB

PS : This morning (05/01), the balloon was over the north Pacific ocean

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