[W5SFA] W5SFA Picoballoon Update

Roger Klein rwklein at proton.me
Wed May 3 13:59:18 CDT 2023

Our W5SFA balloon completed its second trip around the earth this morning. It's currently in extreme northern Canada (Nunavut) and appears to be headed for Greenland.

Altitude has dropped to around 11,000m, which may indicate some leakage. Anyone want to bet it will complete its third trip around? It's been up for more than 38 days, the longest we've had a balloon up so far.

Here's the info on how to track the balloon from an earlier email:

Club members: if you go tohttp://qrp-labs.com/track/2873_W5SFA-U4B1.htmlyou’ll see the balloon’s track. The color of the track follows the resistor code for each trip around the world. Also, there a link on that page to some launch photos back on March 25. Two other balloons were launched that day, but came down after a few hours of flight. We think that the balloons may have been defective.

Also, the LU7AA site provides a lot more data about the balloon’s progress at



Roger N5RWK

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