[W5SFA] FT 991 - C4FM and Digital IDs and EchoLink

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     If you have a 991(A) see attachment, excerpt from the manual on page 99 on setting up DG-ID.   Hope this helps.

Echo link is not an easy plug and play with all the linking we have between our repeaters, just my 2 cents worth but Roger is the guru on that. 

Hope this helps.... 73   WR5DC

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Can anybody explain how to set up my FT 991 with DG ID10? Somehow I set it up for DGID 40 but can’t figure out how to edit or add a new ID 10. I’ve seen some YouTube’s but it shows the FT991A and using WiresX. It tried some semblance of that to no avail. So far I’ve confirmed I am in C4FM and in digital and I have a DG ID 40 in there. 

Also I’ve been communicating with some buddies that use VHF/UHF only via the EchoLink software. In my personal opinion only EchoLink is kind of hamish but it’s the best that I know of to make contact with those not on HF. Also when I’m out of range I’d like to check into our Tuesday nets (when I remember) by accessing some local repeater. Would it be too much trouble to add our repeaters to the EchoLink system? Is there a better alternative? 

John KG5NCL 

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