[W5SFA] FT 991 - C4FM and Digital IDs and EchoLink

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Well, first - I categorically reject any reference to being a "guru"!  But in 10 or 20 years I might achieve "geezer" status...

Echolink would be a nice capability to have.  I will have to do some research to see how doable it is.  It may be possible to add it via our RC210 analog controller, if there is an open port.

Another possibility (as an alternative to Echolink) would be to set up a Wires-X interface to one of the Yaesu repeaters over the air. This would require a dedicated radio (such as an FTM-400) and an HRI-200 interface box to connect to the internet.

I'd like to hear from club members if they are interested in this kind of capability (remote access to our repeaters through the internet).

BTW, the Bellville repeaters are now linked digitally using a Digital Group ID of 10.  We will be adding the Columbus repeater hopefully in the next few weeks, as San Benard Electric is waiting for equipment to arrive.


Roger N5RWK

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     If you have a 991(A) see attachment, excerpt from the manual on page 99 on setting up DG-ID.   Hope this helps.

Echo link is not an easy plug and play with all the linking we have between our repeaters, just my 2 cents worth but Roger is the guru on that. 

Hope this helps.... 73   WR5DC

Dennis H. Cody 
dhcody at att.net

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Can anybody explain how to set up my FT 991 with DG ID10? Somehow I set it up for DGID 40 but can’t figure out how to edit or add a new ID 10. I’ve seen some YouTube’s but it shows the FT991A and using WiresX. It tried some semblance of that to no avail. So far I’ve confirmed I am in C4FM and in digital and I have a DG ID 40 in there. 

Also I’ve been communicating with some buddies that use VHF/UHF only via the EchoLink software. In my personal opinion only EchoLink is kind of hamish but it’s the best that I know of to make contact with those not on HF. Also when I’m out of range I’d like to check into our Tuesday nets (when I remember) by accessing some local repeater. Would it be too much trouble to add our repeaters to the EchoLink system? Is there a better alternative? 

John KG5NCL 

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