[W5SFA] W5SFA Balloon Update

Roger Klein rwklein at proton.me
Wed Apr 12 11:28:03 CDT 2023


W5SFA is getting close to its first (of hopefully many) circumnavigations. It dawdled west of Hawaii for a few days and is now over central Utah. It looks like it will head northeast up into Canada and then head south near the east coast of the U.S.

This site has current information: [http://lu7aa.org/wspr.asp?other=w5sfa&banda=20m&balloonid=10×lot=4&detail=&launch=20230325141000&SSID=11&tracker=qrplabs&qrpid=217&repito=on&qp=on#](http://lu7aa.org/wspr.asp?other=w5sfa&banda=20m&balloonid=10&timeslot=4&detail=&launch=20230325141000&SSID=11&tracker=qrplabs&qrpid=217&repito=on&qp=on#) It loads slowly, so be patient. The balloon location has a link to winds at its elevation, so you can try to predict where it's headed.

Fire up your rig with WSJT FT8 on 20m and see if you can spot it. It transmits on the 2's and there is a second telemetry transmission on the 4's with an odd call sign.


Roger N5RWK

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