[W5SFA] FW: Announcing Texas Staate Parks On The Air Event

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Apr 4 14:50:07 CDT 2023

W5SFA Club Members, 

I received this email today regarding a Texas State Parks on the Air Event
on April 15/16.


Roger N5RWK


My name is Ken and my call sign is AC5EZ, and I'm a member of the Lake Area
Amateur Radio Klub (LAARK  <https://www.k5lrk.com/> https://www.k5lrk.com/),
in The Colony, Texas. Club call is K5LRK. LAARK sponsors the Texas State
Parks on the Air (TSPOTA) contest each year. If you are not familiar with
the TSPOTA contest I invite you to visit  <http://www.TSPOTA.org/>
http://www.TSPOTA.org for complete rules and park activation information.
But first, let me give you a brief overview of TSPOTA.

TSPOTA is an annual event that takes place this year on April 15 & 16, 2023.
TSPOTA is a low pressure, fun contest, designed to give Texas hams that have
been house bound during the winter, a chance to go to a local state park and
make a few contacts. It is a great opportunity to check out your radio gear
and enjoy a little sunshine in the park.

The purpose of this email is twofold. First is to familiarize you with
TSPOTA, and second to try to encourage your club to join us in this event.
And maybe, convince your club to activate a park.

This year K5LRK will activate Ray Roberts Lake - Isle de Bois Unit POTA
#3051 and TSPOTA #93. Look for K5LRK in the CW and SSB portions of the 10
meter to 40 meter bands.

Thanks for your time and I hope to make a QSO with you during the TSPOTA
event. If you don't mind, would forward this email to your club members.

You may contact any one of these TSPOTA committee members if you need more


Ken, AC5EZ


Contact information:

TSPOTA information        <mailto:k5lrk.tx at gmail.com> k5lrk.tx at gmail.com

Ken Rainey, ac5ez            <mailto:ac5ez.tx at arrl.net> ac5ez.tx at gmail.com

Ken Mitchell, kd2kw           <mailto:kd2kw at yahoo.com> kd2kw at yahoo.com



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