[W5SFA] IFR communications service monitor for sale

john Parmalee jparmalee at aol.com
Sat Aug 13 16:48:02 CDT 2022

I have an IFR communications service monitor for sale.  It is a  1200. 


This service monitor has a 2 mv receiver from 250 KHz to 999.9999 MHz  


A stable RF generator with offset over the same range delivering -127 DBm to -20 DBm.   


There is a spectrum analyzer again over this range, it will also work as a scope.


There is a built in 150-watt dummy load for interment use.  


This IFR is AM, FM and SSB


There is a complete set of tools for testing almost any RF situation.  This model does not have the tracking generator however. I do have the operators guide.


Right now, the battery on the control board has failed and rendered the unit inop.  I will be taking the unit to a retired technician in a small town north of Waco who has a long history with IFR and other service monitors.  He will change the battery, reflash memory and calibrate the frequency against his cesium standard.


I plan to have the monitor working at the Tailgate in Katy next Saturday.


As for cost.  Take a look through EBAY for where IFR’s are priced.  I am sure we can do better than that.

I would be happy to answer any questions.  

John ParmaleeJparmalee at aol.com281-380-3811 K5VGM WI2XLJ
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