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Here’s the details on the High Altitude Launch this weekend, please forward on, and we look forward to hearing from everyone.


KE5GDB DMR Single Frequency Repeater (SFR) on 441.0 MHz simplex (Color Code 1, Timeslot 1, Talkgroup 99)Sain Sonic AP510 APRS Trackers - 144.390Mhz - W5ACM-12 and KG5FQX-11 <http://www.aprs.fi/>  Track via Google Maps APRS

🛸K5SAF Live DVB-S2 Digital ATV - SR500, 1280MHz360-degree Down-looking Video camera

KG5FQX Wide-Angle Balloon Burst Video CameraHorizon-Viewing GoPro
KD5ELH Crossband FM Repeater on 446.000 Up / 147.435 Down
Live streaming of the event will be on the K5WH Zoom channel.  <https://zoom.us/j/2815436502> https://zoom.us/j/2815436502

Video should start sometime after about 8am, with a target LAUNCH time of 10am.
As always, please ping me for any questions that may come to mind.  

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