[W5SFA] Repeater Update

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Tue Aug 6 20:47:12 CDT 2019

Thanks to Roger and Dan for all they do to keep the repeaters up and 
functioning for all to use.



On 8/6/19 7:50 PM, Roger Klein wrote:
> Members,
> This morning Dan White and I reconfigured the UHF and VHF antennas in 
> the Bellville tower for digital (UHF) and analog (VHF).   Both bands 
> are now using the highest antenna at 274’ above ground level.  As a 
> result, UHF should have a better “reach” than previously.  I’d also 
> like to thank Dan for giving me some badly needed Elmering about cans 
> and duplexers!
> Again, remember the UHF repeater is digital only, and you must use a 
> DG-ID of 00, which acts as a digital squelch.  The VHF repeater is FM 
> analog only.  However, UHF digital traffic will be repeated on VHF 
> analog, and vice versa.
> WithIn the next couple of days, I should have the VHF repeater set up 
> so it identifies itself again. There will also be a short courtesy 
> beep indicating the end of a transmission.
> Please exercise the repeaters as much as possible over the next few 
> days.  I’ll be monitoring most of the time.  Let me know if you 
> experience any trouble with the repeaters, or if you have any questions!
> Thx es 73,
> Roger N5RWK
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