[W5SFA] Meeting tonite

Cameron mitchl at mitchl.net
Wed May 27 11:22:18 CDT 2015

Hi all,

There has been some suggestion that tonight’s meeting be called because of weather.  This evening’s meeting would be important because of the fact that the next meeting is only 3 days before Field Day and we do not have finalized plans for the event.  I do not recall that anyone has stepped forward to ramrod the event and we need to find someone to do that.  Also, there may be two license tests.  

Right now the plan remains to have the meeting as scheduled.  I will check the weather at 4 PM and see if it looks favorable or not.  Will send out the final word at that time.

Meanwhile, if you intend to attend the meeting, please let me know.  I know that Roger, Pam, Kathy, and Robert will not be there.

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