[W5SFA] W5SFA Tuesday Night Net 5-7-19

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue May 7 20:44:45 CDT 2019

Yes, you got it right, Gary.  The concept is that the UHF repeater would handle digital traffic only, and analog traffic would be on VHF...but they would be linked so each could hear the others transmissions. 

Not sure we'll actually do this, still figuring out the details.  Might have some more info after Hamvention.

Roger N5RWK

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Greetings All from KF5ZRT Gary Net Control

Just a update on tonight's net.

We had 6 check-ins tonight plus Net Control

Ray        WA5IWB

Jack        K5FRT

Skip        K5LLR

Roger    N5RWK

John        KG5NCL

Brad        KF5NNZ

No emergency traffic was received during the net.

Announcements-K5FRT Jack reported the May W5SFA Club Meeting will be 
held May 29th at Yani's in Bellville.  For more information please check 
the W5SFA website.

Also requesting any VE's please bring their credentials for any 
testing.  Thanks Jack.

N5RWK Roger reported finding information on the Yaesu Facebook page 
related to the DR2X repeaters that addresses configuration that 
essentially sets up cross band repeat setup that will allow operators 
with analog radios to hear digital transmissions and digital operators 
to hear analog transmissions.

I hope I got that correct.  Certainly something to look into for future 
operations.  Thanks Roger

Thanks again to all that participated in the net tonight. Wish all a 
safe and prosperous week.



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