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Jack, can you send this out to the reflector? I’ve tried now twice and I’m
not seeing it. Must be doing something wrong! If you’ve seen it pop up
either yesterday or this morning, disregard this message.

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Sorry, you had given me your email address, and i had lost it. Just found
it. 73, fooie
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Subject: QST ATTENTION!  HAM RADIO FIELD DAY 2018  June 23-24  Check this


"HAM RADIO FIELD DAY 2018" is being sponsored by the Washington County
Amateur Radio Club, and will take place Saturday And Sunday, June
23rd-24th, at the Prairie Hill Voluntary Fire Department's Meeting Hall,
just a 10 minute drive northwest of Brenham on Highway 50.  Note that this
facility is fully air-conditioned. This accommodation will be a welcome
addition to any houston area summer-time event. Plan to bring the whole

This will be a time of fun, a time to cellebrate our hobby, with a focus on
our tradition of public emergency service. Think of it as fun and
fellowship while doing ham radio. All interested amateur radio operators
are invited to participate, regardless of your home qth, county, or club

Some participants will choose to join an "ARRL Field Day Team", who will be
attempting to be "in for the count" on the National ARRL Contest. But that
is not for everyone. Others will opt for an "Emergency Exercise Team",
which will not have the strict logging and reporting requirements. Still
others will choose to participate as individual Go-Box Stations.  In any
case, each person can engage in all the activities in a manner consistent
with his own schedule requirements, desires and interests.

All amateur radio operators wishing to engage in the Emergency Exercises,
whether as a team or as an individual, are asked to preregister by Sunday,
June 17th, 2018, one week before the event. No fees are required for
registration.  This is to provide planning information to the FD Team. It
is optional, in any case. All hams interested in participationing will be
accomodated, even "walk-ins", who have not preregistered.

Reservations must be made in advance for the Saturday Lunch and Evening
Dinner. See the FD Guide, for details.

The FD call-in frequency will be 443.25+ mhz fm  (with a CTCSS tone of
103.5 hz).

The Ham Radio Field Day 2018 Guide/Schedule is available for download as a
PDF file. It includes how to preregister for the Emergency Exercises, how
to make reservations for the noon and evening Saturday meals, as well as
full event details. To download the HamRadioFieldDay2018Guide.pdf,  click
on the link below (or copy and paste the link just below into the URL FIELD
at the top of your web browser page):


Additional details will be available on the club web site at
www.washcohamradio.org.  For additional assistance or information, and to
preregister for the Emergency Exercises, or to make reservations for the
Saturday noon and evening meals, contact David via email at W5FUY at arrl.net.

Hope to see you there. This is W5FUY, ole man fooie! 73


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