[W5SFA] Yaesu Firmware Upgrades

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Jan 30 19:53:37 CST 2018

W5SFA Members,


Those of you who own Yaesu C4FM Digital Radios will need to upgrade the
firmware on your rigs to the latest version, in order to take advantage of
the group ID functionality in our new digital repeaters.


If you don't own a Yaesu C4FM radio, stop reading now!


Basically, we will have groups of repeaters assigned with digital ID's
(DG-ID's).  You set your transceiver to a specified DG-ID, and when you
transmit, the system will link to all repeaters assigned to that group "on
the fly".   The upgraded firmware provides the DG-ID capability.


Here are some links you may find helpful for locating the latest firmware:


ID=227201D29C822AEFF8482F3367495319&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0>  latest
firmware is dated 10/24/17

ID=3F8B6B6AF1EC22B82F01E68C1E0F0BA6&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0> : latest
firmware is dated 10/24/17

ID=1C299659CDFD4B56DDBBA4BA23026510&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0>   latest
firmware is dated 11/8/17

ID=D24F60F33816ED8BE5568D7E2B5E2131&DivisionID=65&isArchived=1>     latest
firmware is dated 10/17/17

ID=490C4A71118AD0F4E825E89D821B73BB&DivisionID=65&isArchived=0>    latest
firmware is dated 10/17/17


After clicking the link and the web page comes up, click the "Files" tab and
scroll down to the software section.  Click on the firmware link for your
model (pay attention to the submodel if appropriate) to download.  Your
browser will save a .zip file containing step by step instructions as well
as the firmware update.


Note that the upgrade will probably require you to do a reset of your
transceiver, so make sure you have a saved copy of your settings and memory


Any questions, let me know.




Roger N5RWK





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