[W5SFA] Winter Field Day

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
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I have a couple of other QRP antennas you're welcome to use:


- End Fedz Trail Friendly 10-20-40 <https://www.lnrprecision.com/endfedz/trail-friendly/> 

- W1SFR Endfed antenna <https://kx3helper.com/endfed-40-6m-antenna/>  (KX3 tuner can match 6m-40m)


They are both decent antennas.  I've got a 38' fiberglass pole as well.






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Thanks Roger.  Will see u there if I can get my antenna done.   If not I will be there to observe.   Ha.  C ya 

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I'm planning to operate from Kenney Store on Saturday.  I'll plan on arriving midmorning, around 9:30.  I'll bring my KX3 and MFJ Big Ear antenna, that's good on 10-40m.  I will bring bandpass filters for 20m and 40m.   I have fiberglass poles if you need them.  I'll probably operate phone.


Weather Saturday is for high of 70 with a 40% chance of thunderstorms, hopefully the forecast will improve!





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