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None that I know of.  but we will want to fill out the forms for last month and this month.  Dan

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W5SFA Members,


Our usual club meeting is tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.  However, due to a perfect storm of scheduling, none of the officers - myself, Gil or Kat - can be there.  This means is there will be no official business meeting, as per club by-laws. 


Rather than cancelling the meeting, it will simply be a social gathering at Yani's.  You are encouraged to badmouth all the officers and maybe even do some conspiring :-)  So the usual dinner will be at 6 pm at Yani's, and you will not be subjected to hearing me drone on!


Dan, please advise if there is any testing scheduled for Wednesday, to make sure there are enough VE's.  We will be back on the regular schedule for the October meeting.


A few other tidbits about the special event, which went well:


·         We made 126 contacts.  41 states, 2 Canadian provinces plus Mexico and Venezuela were worked.   Our total score was 12,314 points.  Lower than last year, but band conditions were not very good.   Not much rain, but a few of us got a good soaking at the end.  Thanks to everyone who participated and visited!


·         We did make the Bellville paper, and I found an online entry in the Sealy paper.  The Sealy paper send out a photographer on Sunday afternoon, he took a few photos and collected a bit of info, but I'm not sure if we'll be in the next issue.  If anyone gets the Sealy paper, let us know if we get an article.


·         We talked a bit with Bryan McAuley, the site manager at the State Historic Site.  They are breaking ground on the new visitor center toward the end of October, and would like the club to participate in some way.  Like last year, they were very hospitable and easy to work with.  The SHS exhibits have been recently upgraded, so it's worth a visit.


·         We had a few youngsters stop by, one was a group and one was a family, and so they got a demonstration.  We also got a couple of new member nibbles.


·         Darryl Strader printed us up a new club banner, 2' x 8' with Stephen F. Austin's image on it.  We'll get a photo posted on the club web site shortly.  Thanks Darryl! 






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