[W5SFA] Club Meeting Tonight at Yani's

Darryl Strader Studio darryl at straderstudio.com
Wed Jun 29 12:09:53 CDT 2016

Roger Debbie and I will unfortunately not be there agaqin.  We are still
living in the driveway (since being flooded in mid April **YES April not May
or June**)  Once we get back into the house we will be able to start
attendeding again. We just received our insurance settlement funds from fema
but the ability to get those from the mortgage com. Is proving to be another
nightmare in its own.  Tell everyone we said hello and will hopefully b able
to see everyone soon.

Darryl and Debbie



Darryl Strader Studio, LLC




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We are back to the normal schedule...6 pm feed, 7 pm meeting.




Old business: 

*         Feedback on Build Night

*         Report on Field Day


New Business:

*         Election of club ossifers

*         Preparations for Special Event Station at S.F. Austin SHS/Texas
QSO Party, Sept 24-25


Let me know if there are any additional items.


I believe we have one test scheduled for this evening.  




Roger N5RWK



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