[W5SFA] Field Day

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Wed Jun 22 16:39:49 CDT 2016

W5SFA members,


Sorry for the extra email traffic, but I forgot to mention in my last note
about field day this weekend.  Several club members are getting together in
Brenham at Kruse Village on East Stone St. this Saturday and Sunday.  We'll
be operating as a class 3A station, with four transmitters including a Get
On the Air Station.  So if you're in the neighborhood or want to enjoy some
of the June Texas heat, come on out and visit, or even do some operating.
We plan on operating both days, or until we are well done.


Participants include Skip (K5LLR), Jack (K5FRT), Joe (KA8WEP), Bill (KG5WPH)
and several other hams.


Some technical notes:  we're planning to operate simultaneously on 10m, 15m,
20m and 40m, using home built bandpass and tuned stub filters.  We've run
Several interference tests to see if there was any interference from
adjacent stations, and the filters seem to work well.  Also, we'll be using
the N3FJP Field Day software to do the logging in network mode, which will
avoid duplicate contacts.  To do this, we've set up a wireless LAN so each
station is connected to a central PC that keeps track of who everyone has
worked.  We'll be able to use this equipment for the special event station
in September, too.  So come on out and see the operation!




Roger N5RWK



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