[W5SFA] Yaesu Rebates

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Feb 16 17:05:25 CST 2016



If you are thinking about buying a Yaesu C4FM digital rig (e.g. will work in
digital mode with the new repeater), there are some sales and rebates going
on.  I received a sale notice from Ham Radio Outlet (but there are likely
other retailers with similar offers).


Here are the C4FM rigs:

  FTM400DR - $399.95 (this is the older model; there is a newer model with
an improved GPS, the FTM-400XD but it costs $140 more)

  FT1-DR - $249.95

  FT-991 - $1249.95


There are some other Yaesu rigs on sale as well.  Looks like the rebates are
good until the end of March.


Roger N5RWK


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