[W5SFA] Reminder: Club Meeting Tomorrow Night

Blake Bowers bbowerslists at gmail.com
Wed Apr 27 09:12:33 CDT 2016

I am new to the club and the area, but if you need any help let me 
know.   I am kind of sort of semi-retired like and would be
more than happy to give you a hand.

I am also sort of an expert with FEMA, at least on the PA side of things...

On 4/27/2016 8:11 AM, Darryl Strader Studio wrote:
> We finally have a place to live while the house is being gutted, that 
> starts tomorrow supposedly. (having somewhere to live on our property 
> due to animals was a must)  Everything inside was a total loss, was 
> able to not lose my radio/amp/laptops/desk top. All else was lost 
> though. They are estimating about 2 months before we will be able to 
> move back in.  We have an rv that we hope will be able to get on our 
> property today and that’s here we live till things are done. Right now 
> we are having to go thru and document, photo every single item lost. 
> We cant just take a photo of a group of things, has to be each item. 
> We a little concerned because we don’t know what fema is going to say 
> is the cost to repair, replace ect and they are the ones that control 
> ALL flood things.  Hers a nother bit of good handy info to pass along, 
> fema issued to all insurance agencies here in TX they “will not” be 
> reimbursing nor will cover any loss of use of your home. SO if you 
> have your family in a hotel or some living place that cost you, you 
> will not be reimbursed.  That was told to us by state farm and 
> verified by a friend of mine that got flooded as well from his ins 
> company.  Generac finally came out and fixed our total home generator 
> that DID NOT work when we got hit by lightning in last weeks storm. 
> But guess what???? We got hit again this morning and lost power AGAIN 
> !!!!  Thank the Lord though the generator worked this go round.  As 
> for help, I honestly don’t know what we need at the moment. I ended up 
> stopping work for a while yesterday between my own shop work and doing 
> inventory and removing crap from the house to mow the yard so when 
> Debbie got home from work she would have some since or normalness when 
> coming into the driveway. She is about to hit her breaking point so I 
> had to do something to ease some stress even if its just mowing the 
> yard (what could be mowed with the mud ect).  So forward we move as 
> best we can.
> Have a blessed day,
> Darryl Strader Studio, LLC
> 281-646-7300
> www.straderstudio.com

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