[W5SFA] Reminder: Club Meeting Tomorrow Night

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Sorry to here you are still having problems. Is their anything that the club can do for you?  Dan

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Debbie and I unfortunately will not be attending.  We are still going thru our nightmare with this flood.  



Darryl Strader Studio, LLC




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W5SFA Members,


Our April club meeting is tomorrow night at Yani's Steak House in Bellville.  Dinner at 6, Meeting at 7.


A couple of notes:


- At the last meeting, Kat Croker noted that our checking account balance has dropped below $1,500, so we are incurring a monthly fee.  If we can get the balance back up over $1,500 we can save a few bucks.  To that end, please consider renewing your membership dues a little early this year.  So if you can, bring a check to tomorrow night's meeting.


- "Build Night" is scheduled for next month, Wednesday, May 25 from 6-9 pm in the Courthouse basement.  We are officially reserved, thanks to Ray Chislett W5RAC.   Build Night will take the place of our normal meeting at Yani's.   Is there interest in getting a bunch of pizzas, and we can eat at the courthouse?


- For Build Night - you don't have to be an electronics whiz, or even have a project - just come and see what others are doing.  But if you do want to build something, there will be a lot of expertise in the room to help out if you need it.  Also, if you are looking for a kit to build, there are tons available - follow this search link and it should give you some ideas.


- The results for the Texas QSO Party are now posted online.  See http://www.n5bia.net/txqp/index.php/2014-03-17-17-48-02/2014-03-21-16-32-14   Our score was 28,397 (see page 16).  We came out 20th out of 27 clubs - not bad, but I think we can improve our score this year!




Roger N5RWK

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