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I am working to become a member of ARES now but I DO NOT like the fema garbage courses that you are required to do.  They are definite gov driven things.


Darryl Strader Studio, LLC




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That’s is exactly why I will not be a member of ARIES (or how ever it is spelled).  They demand too much.

I will be glad to help if I can.


Dan White, W5AOV


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Hams Are Beginning To See... 


This article included in the Monthly Report for November 1, 2015 by the Arkansas Section leadership... 



Home Land Security is trying to or maybe has all ready taken over
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications. Not long after Home Land Security was created they started giving out Grants to Amateur Radio Clubs and Organization. Be careful what you ask for. You might get it.

Any time the Government “gives” you anything, they demand “complete control” in return. Once you accept Government funds they will put restrictions or requirements on our participation.

Wait a minute!..... Aren’t we volunteers?

We communicate among ourselves for our own pleasure and comfort daily/hourly. We are willing volunteers to help when needed. 
WHY DO WE NEED TO COMPLY WITH NIMS, ICS, FEMA, HOMELAND SECURITY requirements/demands to communicate?

We are all ready communicating and if the Government wants our help, all they need to do is ask. We don’t have to do anything different to supply the requested communications. We are NOT in charge. We do NOT make management decisions. We do NOT run the event. THEY are in charge. So WHY do WE need to be compliant with Government management bureaucracy


If the Government wants/needs our help we are willing. What we should NOT be willing to do is comply with demands and requirements by Government bureaucracy to help the Government who is “asking” for our help for something we all ready do daily. We are all ready set up and functional. We are here for the asking. We should not have to “comply” with Government overreach with unneeded “compliance” to help the Government. IF the Government can not communicate and needs/wants our help, WE can more often than not help. 


We DO however, need to maintain our own identity and independence. Otherwise Ham Radio will get swallowed up in the Government Bureaucracy.

We all know what happens then!



Gilbert A Franke <http://www.gilbertfranke.com> 
(361 442 6008 - cell)
130 N Harris Street
Bellville TX  77418 



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