[W5SFA] Special Event Station Operators and Schedule

Cameron mitchl at mitchl.net
Wed Aug 26 09:37:56 CDT 2015

Hi Roger,

I appreciate your indulgence.  No one has volunteered to help me.  Perhaps I could be at the Bellville as a op or whatever is needed and operate at my place sometime Sat evening and Sun morning.  I trust that we will not operate between 9 PM and 9 AM as does the Texas QSO party.

We can make more use of the website than we are now.  Suggestions tonight?

See you tonight.


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Subject: [W5SFA] Special Event Station Operators and Schedule


We are about 6 weeks away from the Texas QSO Party and our Special Event Station on September 26-27!

I need to know who is going to participate so I can set up the operating schedule. You don't have to operate to participate - we will need people to log contacts, help out or just give moral support.

At this point we have 3 operating locations.  Besides the park, Cam will be operating at his place, and Dan and Ray will be operating at the Courthouse station.  If you want to work at any of these locations, that's fine - or you can operate at different location if you wish.  I'm suggesting one-to-two hour time slots, so people can take breaks.

So please let me know soonest the following:

- If you are going to participate
- Whether you will be an Operator, Logger or Helper (or some combination)
- What location and days and times you're available



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