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Hi all,

I’m sorry you haven’t heard anything from me.  Was hit with a pulmonary embolism on the 14th and am recovering from that (now at home).  It may  be a while before I know what my condition will be.


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Hello all,

I too have noticed that I do not hear a squelch tail when I use vhf. I thought that it might be my settings, but they all look OK. UHF works as I believe it should, with the squelch tail. Going to look at the settings again and see if I can find any problems with them.

I plan to bring the Baofeng for the SES next month. If every station location is on the repeater, we can communicate with everyone who is active. That way everyone will know who is on what band and when they are active and QRT.


On 20-Aug-15 1:07 AM, Gilbert Franke wrote:

  Regarding the Wednesday net 8/19 -- This was rather frustrating.  Perhaps I just don't understand how the link affects the vhf side of the repeater system.  Often I would transmit but not hear a squelch tail.  I assumed that I was not keying the repeater.  So I started keying, listening for a tail, and if it was there, keying again to talk.  Sometimes that worked but sometimes not!

  I'm going to try a different rig to see if I have an intermittent sub-audible tone on my FT-7800.

  I think it is a good thing we are checking out our equipment!  Especially if we are going to activate (re-activate) an ARES group!

  Thanks for getting us going, Roger!

  73, Gil WB5RFQ

  On Mon, Aug 17, 2015 at 8:16 PM, Roger Klein <rwklein at katyweb.net> wrote:


    The W5SFA weekly net is Wednesday @ 7:30pm.  Hope you will check in!

    The objectives of the net are to:

    ·        Give everyone a chance to get on the air, especially newly-licensed Technician-class licensees

    ·        Verify radio and antenna operation

    ·        Communicate club activities, and any other topic of general interest

    ·        Promote Ham Radio

    You can use either UHF and VHF on the Bellville repeater - operator's choice.  All amateur radio operators are welcome to check in.

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