[W5SFA] Wednesday Night FM Net Update

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Fri Aug 7 09:08:56 CDT 2015

Thanks Gil!  I should have asked everyone what equipment they were using and which repeater they were accessing, but we can do that next time.  And I think my antenna needs to be higher!  





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Roger, thanks again for calling the net and getting this new venture started.  May reiterate for the mail reflector what I appreciate about this net:  1) it gives me a chance to know that my station is working; 2) it is a good introduction or review to net procedures; and 3) it will help me associate names and call signs of hams in the area.

Incidentally, I appreciate your list of the check-ins, which brings up one thing I forgot last night.  I didn't give my QTH.  It is a good thing to associate names, call signs and QTH of station.

And of course, your announcements of the repeater purchase and the Special Event Station and Austin Summerfest are another benefit from the net.

Kudos and Thanks again!



On Thu, Aug 6, 2015 at 10:10 AM, Roger Klein <rwklein at katyweb.net> wrote:

We are off to a good start with the Wednesday night FM net, having 6 check-ins last night:


W5AOV - Dan (Cat Spring)

K5LLR - Skip (Brenham)

KC5LSP - Dave (Frydek)

K1PEC - Ron (Sealy)

WB54RFQ - Gil (Bellville)

N5RWK - Roger (New Ulm)


I believe everyone was on VHF except for Dan, who was on UHF.  The event lasted about 15 minutes. 


Hopefully we did not miss anyone checking in - if so, sorry we didn't hear you!





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