[W5SFA] Banquet update

Dan White dan at dandlfarms.com
Sun Jan 12 14:49:12 CST 2014

An update on those that will be there.  Had a good time at the Schertz Hamfest.  It was well attended.  Did not see anyone I knew.  I did talk to Barbara from Austin A. Radio.  Johnny's wife is trying to find someone to buy the store.  They want someone who will keep the store open.

W5SFA members,

We have the following people that have responded to Cameron's request.

Glenn Geick, wife & G. Daughter - will bring homemade potato salad.
Roger Klein & Pam - will bring desserts and drinks.
Ron & Agnes Beauregard - will pick-up BBQ from Hinze's if needed.
Dan & Linda White - set up room, bring plates and eating utensils.  Undefined food.
Carl & Linda Pleasant - get with Linda W. for what to bring.
Kathy & maybe Robert Croker - will be the "kitchen bitch" as she said.
Cameron Mitchell - Party location and BBQ.
Ray & Pat Chislett - Vegetable dish
Dave & Joy Jenkins - Will bring ?
Donald & wife - will bring beans and rolls

Please reply on the reflector if you plan to attend OR not.  We need a head count for the BBQ as it will be purchased.  No later than the 22nd.
Let us know what you will bring to the event.  If the sky is clear we will have viewing of the heavens also.  Feel free to bring your telescope.
Also, The radio station will be available.
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