[W5SFA] Fw: VE Support for Technician class Sunday 4/27

skip ferguson skip at wanderon.org
Mon Apr 21 09:28:49 CDT 2014

Thanks for the effort, but I believe I will have enough VEs coming out from the NARS clud.
Thanks again,

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On Fri 04/18/14  5:56 PM , "Dan White" <dan at dandlfarms.com> wrote:

> P { MARGIN-TOP: 0px; MARGIN-BOTTOM: 0px }    Are there any of the
> VE's available on Sunday afternoon (about 2 PM) on the  27th?  If so
> I need two additional VE's for the test administration.   Dan, W5AOV 
> FROM: Skip Ferguson  SENT: Thursday, April 17, 2014 09:32 TO:
> dan at dandlfarms.com  CC: K5LLR at wanderon.org  SUBJECT: VE Support for
> Technician class Sunday  4/27 
> Greetings Dan, 
> We have 8 students sign up for the class next weekend. Will you be
> able to  support a VE session at the Brenham Fire House Sunday 4/27? 
> Thanks, 
> skip 
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> doing impossible.

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