[W5SFA] SFA Annual Banquet

Linda Pleasant linda.pleasant at gmail.com
Thu Dec 19 16:28:55 CST 2013

     Carl & I plan on attending. I will get with Linda White about what to
bring. Got to get through Christmas first.

Linda Pleasant

On Sun, Dec 8, 2013 at 3:32 PM, Cameron <mitchl at mitchl.net> wrote:

>   Hi all,
> The Stephen F. Austin Radio Club’s annual banquet will be on January 25 at
> about 3 PM.  The venue is my Barndominium (www.mitchl.net ) at 10436 FM
> 949 about a mile southwest of downtown Cat Spring (ie. the post office).
> Details later.  We decided on later Saturday afternoon so that it would
> dark enough for telescope viewing if the weather is good.
> We will follow the same regimen as two years before where I will provide
> barbeque (probably from Hinze’s) and some condiments such as onions and
> pickles.  I’m asking others to provide such things as potato salad, beans,
> salad, drinks, rolls, dessert etc.
> It is important to know who is coming and what they might bring so that we
> will have enough food. Hoping for as many as 20 based on recent club
> meeting attendance.  (In the past, we’ve had considerable left-overs –
> better have too much than not enough.
> Couldn’t do this without the help of Linda White and Kathy Croker.
> Hope that many will be there.
> Cameron
> k5cam
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