[W5SFA] SFA Annual Banquet

Cameron mitchl at mitchl.net
Sun Dec 8 15:32:05 CST 2013

Hi all,

The Stephen F. Austin Radio Club’s annual banquet will be on January 25 at about 3 PM.  The venue is my Barndominium (www.mitchl.net ) at 10436 FM 949 about a mile southwest of downtown Cat Spring (ie. the post office).  Details later.  We decided on later Saturday afternoon so that it would dark enough for telescope viewing if the weather is good.

We will follow the same regimen as two years before where I will provide barbeque (probably from Hinze’s) and some condiments such as onions and pickles.  I’m asking others to provide such things as potato salad, beans, salad, drinks, rolls, dessert etc.  

It is important to know who is coming and what they might bring so that we will have enough food. Hoping for as many as 20 based on recent club meeting attendance.  (In the past, we’ve had considerable left-overs – better have too much than not enough.

Couldn’t do this without the help of Linda White and Kathy Croker.

Hope that many will be there.

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