[W5SFA] KF5ZRT/A Balloon

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 17:38:25 CST 2023

Well congratulations are in order for the balloon launch team. The 
little balloon that could, just made it around the world.  It only took 
10 days 4 hours and 25 minutes.

It appears the package maintained an altitude of 11 to 12 thousand meters.

The Zachtek-1 tracker with the Yokohama balloon with 8 grams of free 
lift is a good combination.

To quote the old Indian in Josey Wales "We must endeavor to persevere"

This was exciting challenge to get a pico balloon to fly.

Much thanks and credit to the Team.  Icarus would be proud. Not too 
close to the Sun or the Ground/Ocean.

We went across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, 
across the Atlantic into Western Sahara, Mali, Mauritania, Libya, Egypt, 
across the Red Sea, Oman, India, Pakistan, Tibet, China, across the East 
China Sea, across the Pacific, Baja California, Mexico, New Mexico, 
Texas, into Oklahoma where it crossed the -96.37 longitude.  What a 

73 and high flying

The W5SFA Balloon Team

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