[W5SFA] W5SFA Balloon Tracking Project 3-3-23

Joe Cucuzza cucuzza18 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 07:58:10 CST 2023

W5SFA Balloon Tracking Project

If you missed the last meeting, this info is based on the handout that Ray
Meech provided.

This balloon has been the most interesting yet. It is Gary's.

If you use a laptop or desktop (not a smartphone) and a big screen, you can
zoom in and see the little flags.

Those are the tracking points. Where there are no flags, it was sleeping
when the sun angle was low.

There are some tracking details if you put the mouse cursor on the
individual flags. More details are available if you click.

This program loads slowly, but has a lot of detail. if you click on the box
where the balloon is, the phrase "click for winds" opens another window.

Note the altitude box. The altitude is in meters and you can get close to
the altitude where the winds are moving the balloon, or go up to 30000
meters and zoom out to see the jetstreams.

As a side note, we are learning a lot about aeronautics and physics and

A good time is being had by all :)


Also the information that the LU7AA site uses comes from the WSPRnet site.

I didn't provide those instructions as I wanted to keep this info page
short, but that site is:


73 Joe KA8WEP
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