[W5SFA] W5SFA Tuesday Night Net 5-10-22

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Tue May 10 19:44:01 CDT 2022

We had 9 check-ins tonight:


W5LBW Linda

K5FRT Jack Courtesy Check-In

WA5IWB Ray Courtesy Check-In

WR5DC Dennis

N5RWK Roger Courtesy Check-In

KM5OG Bruce

W5RAC Ray C.


The XLX979 Server for connecting to the repeaters was not linking by RF 
to the repeaters tonight.

I will check into this.  May need to reboot the raspberry Pi in the 
shack.  Roger and Ray M were hearing each other but nothing from the 
net.  More information will be forwarded when available.

Announcements tonight:  Dan reminded us about the club meeting scheduled 
for May 25th at Cialito Lindo in Bellville.

Thanks to all for participating in tonight's net.

Have a safe and glorious week


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