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You could make use of a nearby DMR repeater via RF with your radio, but I haven’t ever done that (no DMR repeaters near New Ulm!)  That would be good for local traffic, but it depends how the repeater is set up (like, if it’s connected to the internet).  You have more control with a hotspot for connecting to remote groups through the internet.


That’s my current understanding of it, anyhow…I’m still learning!


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if I have a DMR repeater available, do I need a Hotspot?


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You're actually 98% of the way there, since you've already connecting to YSF groups.


Our XLX979 server is on the YSF list, as YSF87708.  So in pi-star, under Configuration -> Yaesu System Fusion Configuration, look at the first setting which is YSF Startup Host.  It's a dropdown list, so scroll down until you find YSF87708.  It's about a third of the way down the list.  The list is not sorted by YSF number, but by the description that follows.  Our XLX reflector looks like this in the list:  YSF87708 - XLX979 - XLXreflector


Once you've selected it, click the Apply Changes button below.  You'll have to wait a little for the Pi-Star to reset, and at that point you'll be able to talk on the server (which is connected to the Bellville repeater).


If you’ve got one of the small Pi Zero hotspots, they are great for traveling.  They don’t use much power, and they are small.  Only real downside is that the screen is also tiny and doesn’t show a lot of info, and the Pi Zero is a bit pokey waiting for it to boot up.  And you won’t have to haul around a clunky Windows PC…






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I was playing with my hotspot and yaesu ft3d, i don’t know how to get this setup to talk to w5sfa.  I can hear americalink, but its ysf, not wiresx.   can this work, or do I need to use DMR (and if I use DMR, what is the talkgroup?) or something else.

The laptop/wiresx/cable/radio works ok, but trying to find a smaller/simpler setup for our motorcycle travels (like when we are heading to North Dakota next weekend for Christy’s birthday).

i am using a mmdvm pi-star hotspot.


Thanks for any help !!




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