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Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Jun 7 17:35:35 CDT 2022

I received this note yesterday from a former club member - maybe so long ago
that no one remembers?  Anyhow, check out their contest station at the link




Roger N5RWK


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Subject: Blast from the Past


Hi Gang;


I just found the Club web site. I was one of the founders and the first
President in 1995. Looks like you may not have inherited much of the
founding history. I believe that W5TEN was the VP and my wife Midge, KC5AFO
was treasurer. She is now K7AFO.


We owned the property at Wendt Rd and 529. We sold it to Carl Hickman in
1997 when we moved to NV. The 2M and 440 repeaters were at our place. We had
some fun times. Part of us will always be in Austin County.


These days, check out www.w7rn.com 


Tom Taormina, K5RC



The Comstock Memorial Station, W7RN



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