[W5SFA] W5SFA Repeater System

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 15:27:17 CDT 2021

Thanks go out to Ray Chislett and Austin County for getting the repeater 
site back up.  The VHF and UHF repeaters are online as well as the 
D-star repeaters.  The Wires-X system is not currently available.  
Hopefully, we can get it back up this weekend.

The Tuesday night net will be back on the Bellville repeaters. Thanks to 
Roger & Dan for all their time and effort getting the 146.960 Cat Spring 
repeater up and running for during the outage of the normal system.

I will be handling the net control duties on this coming Tuesday.

Hope everyone has a safe Labor Day.



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