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OK, thanks for the clarification.  I’ve got the programming software set up, but have a few questions for you:


1.        Is 433.5 Mhz to be a simplex or duplex channel?   If the latter, let me know the offset, + or -.

2.       What name would you like to assign for the channel (you get up to 7 characters)?

3.       If you wish, I can program in a call sign and startup message that will be shown when the UV5R powers on.


I will try to arrive a few minutes ahead of 9 am tomorrow if that’s ok…it should only take a few minutes to program the radio, as I’ll have the file set up ahead of time.






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Hi Roger,

You don't need to reprogram your radio. I just need the one frequency since I'm sending it to my father in Nebraska so he can access my node.

We have other radios we use for the Bellville repeater and node.


We'll be home all day.

Our address is:

507 Freestone Rv Ln

I appreciate this very much.

Hank wa0syc


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