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Here’s what I propose:


I also have a UV5R, and can reprogram it so channel 1 has the 433.5 Mhz frequency and 107.2 offset.   At the same time I can wipe the remaining channels you don’t want, and if desired add the area repeaters around here.


When we meet up we can quickly swap radios, and I will take yours home and reprogram it as above.  Then we can swap back radios afterward.


I’ll need to re-educate myself on the UV5R programming software, which I can do today.  


Tomorrow, I’ll be heading up to Brenham in the morning to get my truck serviced, so I could detour over to Bellville to meet up for the swap.  How would 9 am work for you?  




Roger N5RWK


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the channel is already in the no. 1 but it has no tone.

the tone for the node is:


tx and rx

it has a bunch of stuff programed, but it's for Nebraska.

so I need to delete all but channel 1.


hank and miss gail


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