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Tyler Amateur Radio Club puts out a newsletter, check it out.




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Hello Fellow Radio Operator:

Throughout amateur radio history, there has always been a tradition of radio operators and clubs to share their knowledge with others.  This may be accomplish through direct communications while on the air with others or through magazines and news letters.  The Tyler Amateur Radio Club (Tyler ARC) in Tyler, TX is  reaching out to other clubs around the Lone Star State and other states to continue this long standing tradition shared by amateur radio operators.

As an outreach effort to other amateur radios clubs and their members, Tyler ARC is sending  a courtesy copy of its newsletter “The GroundWire” to radio clubs for distribution to their respective members.   The following link is to the newsletter in PDF format than can be downloaded. <https://drive.google.com/file/d/10w1ij0y7CrXg2HVE7upNT-aTN8yHBbBW/view?usp=sharing>  The GroundWire Link

You  are invited to share articles on amateur radio projects or research you might have completed. Those articles can be published in The GroundWire if the article is the author’s original content and/or does not violate copyrights or is adequately cited from other publications. If you  have product reviews of amateur equipment, those article will be welcomed as well.


John Armstrong – KG5LWD
Tyler Amateur Radio Club
Tyler, TX 


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