[W5SFA] Radio in the Park

Gary Baldwin kf5zrt at gmail.com
Sat Jun 19 21:49:08 CDT 2021

Just a quick update.

Notes to self-Do not plan a Radio in the Park on a National Holiday!!! 
Bring a fly swatter.  Added to check-list.

Regardless, we did setup in the Gazebo at the park in Bellville.

Thanks to Ray WA5IWB, David W5FUY and Wyatt Meech (Future Ham) for 
coming out to enjoy our hobby.  Several FT8 contacts made on 30 meters. 
Australia, Canada and US.  Ray had a demo of his custom 40-17 meter 
Magnetic Loop along with his QSX transceivers.

Thanks to Ray for the coffee and doughnuts. All Good!!

Looking forward to the next event in the near future.


Gary  KF5ZRT

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