[W5SFA] Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio (RaDAR) Event - Saturday March 20

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I know my daughter and I would like to go, but she will out of town for the weekend.  My wife and I may be traveling to OK, but if not I would like to be a passenger.  I’ll confirm as soon as possible.
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Club Members,

Here are the details regarding the Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio Event scheduled for Saturday, March 20.  So far, we have 3 mobile stations confirmed – KF5ZRT (Gary), WA5IWB (Ray) and N5RWK (Roger) – even more would be welcome, so please respond to the reflector if you’re planning to operate a station, or if you would like to participate as a team member.  If you have any questions, please post to the reflector.  You don’t even need to be a club member – or even a ham to participate on a team – all are welcome.  So if you know any prospective hams, drag them along.


Roger N5RWK

RaDAR Event

Objective:  Make 5 HF contacts at each of 5 locations from a vehicle.  Any mode, any band, any equipment, any antenna, any power level.

Entrants:  Can be a single individual or a group, whatever will fit in the vehicle.  One person must be a licensed ham (general or higher).  It will be easier to have more than one person, and this is a great opportunity to do some “Elmering” for those new to HF!  Please send an email to the club reflector if you plan to operate a station so others can glom on if they wish.

Start time: Saturday, March 20 at 10:00 am (This is the earliest time you can start transmitting to make your first contact – equipment prep/setup can be prior to this, take as much time as you like but don’t start transmitting before 10 am.)

Starting Location:  Any location you like – start from your home, a team member’s home or anyplace else that is convenient.

Number of locations  to operate from:  5.  Any location is good (but select someplace safe out of traffic!).  Each location must be at least 5 miles away from the previous location.  You must make 5 contacts at each location.

Setup time at each location: 10 minutes.  This is the elapsed time from when you arrive at a location to when you can start transmitting.  It may take less time  for you to set up.  If so, wait until the 10 minutes are up before transmitting.

Contacts:  You may only work a station once from each location.  However, you may not make arrangements for future contacts with other stations.

Logs:  Keep a log of your contacts:  Band, Mode, Call sign of Station worked and Time of contact.

Conclusion of Event:  The event will conclude at 12:30 pm at the covered parking lot at the Margaret Chesley Memorial Park in Bellville.  You may head to the park after you have made your five contacts at each of five different locations.  Or, if you have not made enough contacts, meet at the park at 12:30 anyhow.   At this time we will compare logs, brag, socialize…we will then proceed to lunch at Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant.

Covid-19:  If you have concerns about exposure, you are welcome to participate as the event is compatible with social distancing.  Just turn in your log at the park at 12:30 pm and forego lunch.

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