[W5SFA] wiresx and connection on 2/9

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
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Thanks for the info!  Debugging Wires-X can be an adventure.  We need to
figure out if the problem is in your setup, or the repeater setup, or
perhaps both.  Can you let me know the following when you get a chance:

Specs on your Windows PC - CPU, memory, and Windows version in particular.
Are any other apps running along with Wires-X?  I have seen problems with
Wires-X not performing well when other apps are running on the PC.
Also, what firmware versions are on your FTM-400.  As I recall you are
up-to-date, but might be good to double check.  

I suspect the problem might be which PDN mode your FTM-400 is in, since you
said you are doing a long press of the DX button.   From this, I'm guessing
you are in PDN mode.   Yaesu's terminology is very confusing with this -
there are two different Portable Digital Node functions:  PDN mode and
Portable HRI mode.  We are using the latter, not the forme.  To get into
Portable HRI mode, you have to power up the FTM-400 with the Power, DX and
GM keys pressed together.  You should hear a 5-tone do-re-mi-fa-sol as the
rig powers up, indicating it's in Portable HRI Mode.

Next, connect to the club's Wires-X room 63655 from the Wires-X software
running on the PC.  In other words, don't press any buttons on your FTM-400.
This is done by doing a Connect -> Connect To -> 63655 in the Wires-X
application.  Once this is done, you should be in the room and should be
able to key the mike and talk.

Can we do a test of the above sometime and see if the audio breakup issue
goes away or not? 



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Roger, and all net after the net participants.

When we first signed into the net, we could not get the wiresx to connect
(by long pressing the DX button on the left of our ftm400, and waiting for
the beeps).

during the net, and for half of the net after the net, we were on the 440
repeater, but without wiresx.

halfway thru the net after the net, our wiresx connected.

The last four times we talked was on wiresx, and you stilll had problems
reading me.  the last signout by us  was on the 2 meter repeater, I think
you could copy it, but was scratchy.

But this may be our problem, we are pretty far away.

Hope this helps with diagnosis a little, but realize, it may just be too
many miles for tonights reception.

I had no problems hear on 2 mtr, 440, or wiresx.

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