[W5SFA] Repeater Status

Roger Klein rwklein at katyweb.net
Tue Feb 9 19:45:13 CST 2021

Club Members,


I thought it would be helpful to give a quick overview of what's happening
with the club's repeaters.  Read on if you're interested..


Downtown Houston


We had a problem with the downtown Houston (analog) repeater back in late
November, and the repeater was powered down over the holidays.  I finally
got onsite in late January, and it's back operating again.  Looks like the
controller board may have failed, causing the transmitter to stay on all the
time.  The external controller has been removed and the repeater seems to be
functioning normally again.




We lost internet at the Columbus site for a couple of weeks in January, due
to an router releasing the "magic blue smoke".  That issue has now been
fixed, and I've placed the repeater into C4FM digital mode today so it can
be linked to Bellville with Wires-X.  Please note that this means that
analog will no longer work when using the Columbus repeater - you must use
C4FM digital to access the repeater.




The Bellville repeaters, both the C4FM UHF and Analog VHF portions have been
working normally, as well as the VHF and UHF D-Star repeaters.


Repeater Linking


Today I  set up a Wires-X link between the Bellville and Columbus repeaters
on a test basis.  So next time you are on either Bellville VHF analog or UHF
digital, you'll be heard down in the Columbus area as well (and vice versa).
So far it seems to be working, but we are very early in testing.


That's all for now.  Let me know if any questions or problems.




Roger N5RWK

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