[W5SFA] wiresx and connection on 2/9

david johanson w5dbj at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 9 19:22:33 CST 2021

Roger, and all net after the net participants.

When we first signed into the net, we could not get the wiresx to connect (by long pressing the DX button on the left of our ftm400, and waiting for the beeps).

during the net, and for half of the net after the net, we were on the 440 repeater, but without wiresx.

halfway thru the net after the net, our wiresx connected.

The last four times we talked was on wiresx, and you stilll had problems reading me.  the last signout by us  was on the 2 meter repeater, I think you could copy it, but was scratchy.

But this may be our problem, we are pretty far away.

Hope this helps with diagnosis a little, but realize, it may just be too many miles for tonights reception.

I had no problems hear on 2 mtr, 440, or wiresx.


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