[W5SFA] January Meeting/Lunch Announcement - Mark Your Calendars!

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Mon Dec 13 17:04:12 CST 2021

2 for White’s.

From: Roger Klein 
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Subject: [W5SFA] January Meeting/Lunch Announcement - Mark Your Calendars!

CQ, CQ, CQ...

The club’s January meeting, which is also our annual post-Christmas/New Year celebration, has been scheduled as follows:

  a.. Date:  Saturday, January 22

  b.. Time:  2:00 pm

  c.. Place:  JW’s Steak House in beautiful downtown Carmine, TX

Mark it down in your calendars...

Thanks to Ray Meech for his intense gastronomical research in finding us a venue (he did have help).  Also, there are rumors of door prizes, rare DX, long path propagation and drinking of adult beverages (although these may be related...)


Roger N5RWK


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