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Hey there people! As the subject/title suggests, there are some events coming up. The 10 for Texas is a surprise, as it's just over 4 weeks away, on the 18th of September.  Just found out about it today!  Seems they moved forward the date because the Ironman is happening in October, around the time when this event would normally happen. Then, October the 2nd, for those that are interested, there's the Buffalo Bayou Regatta (support is organized by Lee Glassman). October the 9th is the Ironman.  I understand there is another event that weekend, so I am very grateful if you are able to help with the Ironman. Here are links to both events in The Woodlands, for which I am helping organize support: 10 for TexasIronman The 10 for Texas is a 10 mile run, typically done by around 11am or so. The Ironman is a much longer day, with the bike course typically open until around 5pm or so. Of course, if we get more help than strictly needed, then we can do some early/late shifts, which will make it way more manageable for some people. If you have already signed up to help with one or other of these events, thank you very much! Please pass this information on to others that may also be able to share it with others and/or help. Best Regards,Peter KE5STL 
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