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Correction:  Joe's is at Hwy 290 and S. Market St on the SE corner.  Epic
geography fail!


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I stopped by the Bellville tower yesterday evening to see how the air
conditioning was working. it wasn't.  Thermostat set to 70 degrees but it
was 80 degrees inside, and this was past the heat of the day.


Consequently, I've powered down the equipment again to protect it from
overheating.  I wish I could provide an estimate as to when it will be
fixed, but we haven't had much luck with the county making the necessary
repairs.  I will keep you posted.


Also note that our club meeting is this coming Wednesday, August 24.  This
month we'll be at Joe's Italian Restaurant in Brenham, which has reopened.
Joe's is located on Hwy 290 at Blue Bell Road, in the SE corner.  It will be
the usual drill:  dinner at 6 pm, and meeting at 7 pm.   Also, I expect we
will  be doing license exams that evening as well.




Roger N5RWK

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