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Club members, 

I received this message today on our info at w5sfa.org address, so passing it on.


Roger N5RWK

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Greetings from Tim Duffy, K3LR, CEO of DX Engineering!


Our staff of active Hams at DX Engineering hope you and your club are adapting well to this challenging time. With so many events being canceled, we’ve shifted our focus to providing virtual educational opportunities to help Hams everywhere stay in touch with what’s happening in the hobby. 


The best part is that it’s all free—our way of giving back to the operators who keep Ham Radio so vital in their communities. 


I’ll come to your meeting—virtually!  


I am available for free Zoom webinars on a range of topics to suit your club’s interests, from how to mitigate RFI to tips on improving your contesting scores. Contact Teri Grizer, K8MNJ, at TGrizer at DXEngineering.com to schedule a presentation.


You Can Get Tips, Hear Interviews, and Learn About Weekly Deals on DX Engineering’s Facebook Page


·         Facebook Live with Tim, K3LR, and Jeff, KB8ZWT, airs every Tuesday at 1:15 pm Eastern (18:15 UTC). Jeff and I cover the gamut of Amateur Radio topics: upcoming contests, choosing coaxial cables, how to use ferrite, the benefits of antenna analyzers, and much more. 

·         Tune in for our Manufacturer Showcase, live on Facebook Thursdays at 2:30 pm Eastern (19:30 UTC), for news and information from some of the biggest names in Ham Radio gear.

·         Join me and Hams from around the world for Facebook Live with Tim, K3LR, every Friday at 4:00 pm Eastern (21:00 UTC). Recent topics have included advice on 160M operating, the Reverse Beacon Network, and working satellites. Get live answers to your questions and save money with the DX Engineering Deal of the Week! 

·         Like us on Facebook and enjoy tech articles, product updates, humor, and the hottest deals from DX Engineering!


Visit DX Engineering’s blog, OnAllBands, for news, expert tech advice, and updates on the latest equipment. We’re adding fresh content every weekday.


Check out our growing collection of instructional videos and interviews on DX Engineering’s YouTube Channel.


Get Advice from Our Elmers!


·         Talk with our staff of active operators—the best in the industry

·         Choose from more than 30,000 Amateur Radio products for EmComm, Contesting, DXing, and Satellite operation at DXEngineering.com

·         Get the right equipment for your shack: rigs, amps, coaxial cable, rotators, antennas, towers, even stealthy solutions for your HOA antenna concerns

·         Enjoy friendly support during and after your purchase, whether you’re new to the hobby or a longtime operator


Thanks for your time today. 


We’re looking forward to seeing you online and hearing you on the air.




Tim Duffy, K3LR

Email support 24/7/365 at DXEngineering at DXEngineering.com



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