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            Now Online! Digital editions of May 2021 QST, Mar/Apr 2021 OTA, QEX, and NCJ

                  May QST 
           Mar/Apr OTA
           Mar/Apr QEX 
           Mar/Apr NCJ 



            May QST
            Green Roving in a Red Rover 
            Wayne Overbeck, N6NB

            Longtime ham and VHF roving contest participant Wayne Overbeck, N6NB, describes how he switched from using gas-guzzling vans and trucks to a battery-powered Chevy Bolt. He mounted a 10-band microwave station on the roof of the subcompact car and hit the road. Environmental concerns prompted him to make the change, and he’s been happy with it.

            But there were some special considerations that had to be made, and Wayne goes into those in detail. In addition to planning your route around recharging stations, you should not plug your radio equipment into the car’s batteries, lest you void the vehicle’s warranty. Wayne found that his new car was a great way to rove, while also being environmentally friendly.


            March/April On the Air
            Buying Your First HF Radio

            Moving up to the General- and Extra-class licenses is a huge step forward for a budding ham radio operator. A whole new world opens up, including the privilege of using the HF bands. But you will also need an HF radio, and the choices can be overwhelming.

            Learn what to look for when shopping for an HF radio, including the benefits of a receiver with software defined radio (SDR) technology, which has revolutionized amateur radio. The article also offers advice about using the QST Product Reviews to learn about different models of radio.


            March/April QEX
            A Four-Band Two-Element W7SX Array
            Robert J. Zavrel, W7SX

            Antenna expert Bob Zavrel, W7SX, describes how changes he made to a conventional Yagi design can result in improved performance by using a new parasitic element design. The theory behind those changes is outlined, and there are detailed descriptions of how the antenna and supporting equipment were set up.


            March/April NCJ
            Running a Remote Station from Two Locations
            Seppo Sisättö, OH1VR/AE6PP and Kazu Watanabe, JK3GAD/MØCFW

            Seppo Sisättö, OH1VR/AE6PP, and his friend Kazu Watanabe, JK3GAD/MOCFW, have a contesting partnership that spans the globe as they operate their home stations in Finland and Japan remotely from various locations. In this article, they describe the equipment and procedures they used to run their home stations remotely for the 2019 CQ World Wide CW Contest.


      What's the Buzz?

      Eclectic Tech – Episode 31 – April 8
      The PSK31 digital mode is still very much alive, and many amateurs are using it to rediscover the joys of real keyboard-to-keyboard conversation. Also, QST and QEX author Phil Salas, AD5X, discusses the revolution taking place in small, inexpensive Vector Network Analyzers, or VNAs. 

      On the Air – Episode 16 – April 8
      Parks On The Air, or POTA, is one of the most popular activities in amateur radio today. We chat with Audrey Hance, KN4TMU, a relatively new ham who recently had her first POTA experience, operating from Panther Creek State Park in Tennessee. 


      Celebrate Amateur Radio World Day with $10 

      World Amateur Radio Day, held on April 18 each year, invites all radio amateurs to take to the airwaves to enjoy our global friendship with other amateurs, and to show our skills and capabilities to the public. In celebration of this special day, we are giving all ARRL members an appreciation gift!

      Check your inbox on April 12 for $10 off any purchase! Your personalized, one-time $10 code will be valid in the online store through April 18. To receive the special offer, you must have a valid email address. If you have a website user account, you can manage your email preferences at arrl.org/myarrl.


      Shop NEW Evergreen Field Day Items 
       The ARRL store has expanded its selection of Field Day items! Now you can show your support for ARRL Field Day all year long with our new collection featuring our timeless Evergreen Field Day logo. From comfortable t-shirts for men and women, to a clear rain jacket that's great for showing off your favorite Field Day shirt on a rainy day, and a lightweight folding backpack ideal for the ham on the go. Shop these and 2021 Field Day items today! 


      Support the W1AW Endowment Fund 
      The Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station tells the story of amateur radio. It uses Maxim’s revered call sign, W1AW, and is the home of “Old Betsy,” the spark-gap transmitter he built more than 100 years ago. Today, the station is a modern facility that is on the air every day.

      This valuable resource needs your help. Maintaining the historic building and having up-to-date equipment requires a tremendous financial commitment. Support for this comes from the W1AW Endowment Fund. Your donation to the fund will help keep the station in top condition for hams now and in the future.

      Please go to arrl.org/arrl-donation-form to donate. Thank you for your support!


      Trending on Social

       In recognition of Morse Code Day on April 27, we’re running a special Morse Code Day giveaway! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram pages that day for a chance to win. Comment on either platform with how you learned Morse code, and be entered to win either a Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio booklet or Your Introduction to Morse Code (audio CDs) — your choice!

      Stay tuned later this month for special bundles to help you get started in Morse code or take your current code skills to the next level.


      Important Dates:  
      April 18 – World Amateur Radio Day
      April 18 – Rookie Roundup
      April 20 – Learning Network Webinar: Finding and Fixing RFI
      April 22 – Learning Network Webinar: HF Noise Mitigation 
      April 27 – Morse Code Day
      May 21-23 – ARRL at Home Event


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