[W5SFA] John Portune W6NBC will be the guest speaker for the NARS meeting Tonight 7:00

john Parmalee jparmalee at aol.com
Fri Sep 18 11:23:34 CDT 2020


John is a very creative antenna designer and author. A check of the ARRL archives shows 42 published articles, side bars and hits and kinks.  The most recent in the current QST, a compact two meter antenna.


John has devised many “fool your HOA” projects as well as just good RF into the either.


One of his latest is in July 2019 is an antenna he claims will out perform a small beam and work on 80 and 40. This antenna can disappear from view or set up in a few moments. This is a double inverted delta that has a beam directing feature. It is not a resonate antenna so dimensions are not critical and is easy  to build.


He has also devised a 2 meter/ 70 CM antenna that looks like a Direct TV Dish.


7:00 CST Zoom Room   281 543 6502  pass word 123456


Please invite your non ham friends
 John ParmaleeJparmalee at aol.com281-380-3811 K5VGM WI2XLJ
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