[W5SFA] System Fusion, Wires-X and the PDN Function

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Sun May 31 15:05:58 CDT 2020

Thanks Roger.  Great information.


On 5/31/2020 1:51 PM, Roger Klein wrote:
> Members,
> First, a disclaimer.  This note will mostly be of interest to those 
> who have the following Yaesu radios:  For mobile radios, the 
> FTM-100DR, FTM-400DR and the soon-to-be-released FTM-300DR. For 
> handheld transceivers, the FT2DR and the FT3DR.  If you don’t have one 
> of these radios, you are welcome to continue reading, but I won’t be 
> offended if you hit the delete key!
> As you probably know, we recently linked Wires-X with the Bellville 
> repeater.  This means that the repeater is linked to the internet, so 
> users who are not in RF range can connect to our Wires-X room and 
> communicate with local users on RF as well as other remote users.  
> Many of you have been experimenting with Wires-X and getting familiar 
> with its capabilities such as PDN functionality.  Problem is, Yaesu 
> has a lot of confusing terminology, and sometimes uses two words for 
> the same thing – or the same word to mean different things!  I found a 
> web site that does a pretty good job clearing up the confusion with 
> terminology and acronyms.  Here’s the web site: 
> https://yrdg.org/the-beginners-corner-for-wires-x-and-system-fusion/
> Make sure to read the section about Portable Digital Nodes.  It starts 
> about 2/3 of the way down the purple section.  Yaesu’s use of the term 
> “PDN” is a masterpiece of confusion, since there is an overall PDN 
> function on the radios listed above. However, there are two modes 
> within it, one is also named PDN mode and the other is HRI mode.  
> There are different keypress sequences for these two modes when you 
> power on your radio.   But here’s an important point:  to access the 
> club’s room (named W5SFA-ROOM, ID 63655), your radio *_must_* be 
> powered up in HRI mode, as follows:
> FTM-100/FTM-400:  While holding down the GM and DX keys press the 
> power button.
> FT2D/FT3D:  While holding down the X and BACK keys, press the power 
> button.
> A good question at this point might be, “Why are we using HRI mode 
> instead of PDN mode?”.  The reason is that HRI mode supports both both 
> Analog and Digital rooms, whereas PDN mode only supports Digital.  The 
> more popular rooms such as America Link and Texas Nexus support both 
> Analog and Digital. So if you are in PDN mode, you won’t be able to 
> connect to these rooms, nor the W5SFA-ROOM.
> Hope the above helps clarify how Wires-X works.  Let me know if any 
> questions!
> 73
> Roger N5RWK
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